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Welcome to the Brauhaus

I have been talking a good game about writing a Columbus based beer blog for quite some time. Talk is cheap and I’m putting my money where my “beer” is – whatever that is supposed to mean.

Who am I and why do I think I can write a blog about beer?

First off, let’s get this over with: I’m a girl. I know there is a popular misconception that estrogen = hops intolerance. Well either I’m an anomaly or the cosmopolitan drinking chicks have given us brewsky loving girls a bad rep. Regardless, I’m a self-declared “hophead” with an unnatural love for the female parts of the humulus lupus plant.

I make absolutely no claims at being a beer expert but, in my defense, I am no beer novice either. Instead, I prefer to think of myself as a student of the art of crafting beers.

What are goals and focus of this blog?

My personal goal is to become more educated on the world of beer. The goal of the blog is to take my readers along on my adventure and train ride through beerland. I intend on learning through a plethora of experiences including beer tasting, home-brewing, traveling to breweries, taking courses, and so on and so forth.

My focus is mostly on Columbus. Who is doing what, hidden treasures, where to find great beer, interesting facts, local breweries, etc.

I’m really looking forward to the quest ahead. I’m completely open to suggestions and guest writers as well as any other forms of collaboration that people wish to contribute. This blog is not so much about me as it is about Columbus and beer. If you love both as much as me, well then this is the place for you!



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