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Please pardon The Beer Wench while she does a little shameless self-promotion.I’m excited to announce that I’ve been asked to be a regular guest correspondent on the Columbus Foodcast blog. (Some may remember that this blog got a mention in Episode 5.)

My first official correspondence on the Columbus Foodcast has been released today. I encourage everyone to check out Episode 7: Food Parties on the Columbus Foodcast blog. Disclaimer: It is my very first podcast, so please excuse my stumbling. Practice makes perfect.

About Columbus Foodcast

Columbus Foodcast is the brain child of Zach, a tech savvy food enthusiast, and Jim, a local food blogger known as CMH Gourmand. Essentially, it is “a podcast about the great tastes in the Ice Cream Capital of the World.”

Zach and Jim have been extremely successful with the first 7 Episodes and I look forward to contributing to future success! Thanks guys! This is going to be a fun adventure!


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