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The press release below was recently forwarded to me by the Midest Regional Manager for Merchant du Vin. The product is now available in all MdV warehouses.

Merchant du Vin and Pinkus Brewery (Munster, Germany; est. 1816) are pleased to announce that a new Certified Organic dark lager will be available in the US soon: Pinkus Jubilate.

Merchant du Vin holds exclusive import rights to many of the world’s greatest beers, including several Trappists. If your local retailers and bars do not carry any of the beers imported by Merchant du Vin, I highly recommend that you ask them  to start. A list of Merchant du Vin distributors can be found by clicking HERE.


Merchant du Vin sets the strictest standards for the beers that bear our importing label. All Merchant du Vin beers are “authentic”—meaning they are naturally made, without chemicals, additives, or preservatives (sometimes referred to as “adjuncts”). Secondly, the beer must be an outstanding representative of its style, and produced by a brewery of superb reputation. As a result of these standards, Merchant du Vin’s benchmark breweries appear on nearly every list of the top beers in the world.


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