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Exactly one year ago today, (February 7, 2008) … The Beer Wench blog was born.


More than just the blog was created on that most infamous date.

The Beer Wench is more than just a blog about beer. It is my identity, my personality and my brand.

The Beer Wench is not my alter ego.

The Beer Wench is synonymous with Ashley V. Routson. We are one and the same.

I am The Beer Wench.


Both the blog and the person have come a long way in just one year. My obsession with beer has extended way beyond the American craft beers that initially inspired my passion for beer. My focus has broadened to international beers from such countries as Norway, Italy, The Netherlands, England, Germany, Scottland … and most importantly, Belgium.


The original goal of this blog was “to become more educated on the world of beer.” This statement remains as true today as it was the day I first wrote it. The Beer Wench blog was originally focused on the city of Columbus, OH. This focus has obviously changed. First off, I no longer live in Columbus. And second, I prefer to engage and interact with readers on a national and international level – rather than narrow my focus to just one city. (No offense Columbus, I still love ya.)

Many people have had a tremendous impact on both my blog and my experiences with beer. Instead of listing out every single person that has had an influence on The Beer Wench, I have chosen to send out a tremendously huge giant big THANK YOU to all of my friends, family, readers, fellow bloggers, bartenders, mentors and so on and so forth.

The Beer Wench exists because all of you have embraced her … and for this, I am eternally grateful! Thank you for your support, encouragement and leadership!

Happy Birthday to The Beer Wench!


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