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I am a gypsy.


I can call no one place home. To some of you, this may sound sad. And sometimes, the life of a gypsy does get very lonely. However, the excitement and adventure of a nomadic lifestyle often makes up for the “lack of belonging“.

Since September, I have moved 5 times. The major move was from Columbus, OH (my original Beer Wench stomping grounds) to Orlando, FL. I have moved 4 times since I have been in Orlando – and most of them were NOT by choice.

covered wagon

Needless to say, I have not adjusted well to the city of Orlando. A series “difficult” experiences combined with a disinterest in the culture and lack of involvement with the community have prevented me from completely acclimating to my new environment.

And I am entirely way to young, smart and ambitious to waste my time in a place that is sucking me dry. Which means … I am on the road … again.

This time around, my relocation is not as extreme. I am moving to Tampa – only about 2 hours from my current location.


Why Tampa, you ask?

Why not Tampa? That is really the best answer I can give at this time. No, I don’t have a job. No, I don’t have a place to live (yet). No, I don’t know what I want to do or where I want to live … at this moment.


Lucky for me, I have some good friends in Tampa who are helping me to cushion the blow. A couple that I know and love dearly are traveling to Italy for two weeks. They have graciously offered to let me house-sit and pet-sit until they return.

This gives me roughly two weeks to “figure things out”. And considering that my life has almost always been the result of spontaneous and ambitious choices – I am confident that things will be okay.


I move late tonight. I am extremely excited to start yet another adventure and another chapter of my life.

Thank you all so much for supporting me through these past few months. It broke my heart to let my blog and passion for beer fall by the wayside while I struggled to pull the pieces of my life back together. I have regained strength and momentum, though.


Be prepared to see a revamping and rejuvenation of The Beer Wench – both the person and the blog. I’m coming back stronger than ever 🙂


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