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You must forgive me, for I have been terribly rude.

mr rude

You see, for two weeks now I have been planning an intense 11 day road trip across the southern most states of the United States. And I have not even made one mention of it on my blog — for which I apologize.

The original purpose of the road trip was merely to move to a TBD location in Northern California.

Now, the trip has become so much more.

A good friend of mine, Shana Ray, developed a rather intruging idea for a market research project for the wine industry consisting of traveling across the country interviewing members of Generation Y about their wine consumption. The project was still in development phase when I ran into her at the 2009 Wine Bloggers Conference in Napa & Sonoma.


Attending the Wine Bloggers Conference was the final push I needed to move to California. It was the 4th time, in the course of 11 months, that I had visited the “Bay Area”. Each and every time I visited, I swore to myself (and many of my friends) that I would move there. And now I am finally holding true to my word.

This Monday, August 17th, I will be disembarking on a cross country voyage that will take me through the cities of Tampa, New Orleans, Houston, Austin, TBD New Mexico, Phoenix, Los Angeles and TBD NorCal.


After a bit of persuasion and a few glasses of wine, Shana Ray made the commitment to join me on the adventure. We decided that there is no time like the present to launch the preliminary phase of her market research project on the drinking habits of Generation Y.


Miss Shana Ray

ANNOUNCING PROJECT Y-INEthe first social media exposé on Generation Y and their drinking habits from the minds of Shana Ray and Ashley V Routson.

Project Y-ine will go past the generic survey questions and talk to people in their own backyards, bars or wherever else they hang out and drink with friends. The research and findings will be documented in an interactive, social media based journal of the experience, utilizing several social media platforms to capture their experience –including blogging, video-blogging, tweeting, facebooking, twitpic’ing, etc.


The move could not have come at a more opportune moment in my life as The Beer Wench. I’m about to launch my blog into the next phase. At this very moment, the fine people from Venataur Web Design are working on developing a new interface for my blog. In addition to a new “look and feel,” I am in the process of reorganizing the content of my blog.

BUT. La creme de la creme of the entire “makeover” will be the addition of video blogs. The use of video on my blog will begin with my cross country trip. I have beer events set up in 3 of the cities along the trip:

1. New Orleans with Jeremy Labadie of “The Beer Buddha

2. Austin with Chris Troutman of “Beer Town Austin

3. Los Angeles with Chris Spradley of “Brewerires Bars and Beer Food

I will do my best to announce the dates, times and places we will be meeting for each of the events. If you are in the area, you are more than welcome to join us and I am open to additional collaborations along the way (email me at drinkwiththewench@gmail.com)

Last but not least, I am also excited to announce that I will be attending both the Great Lakes Brew Fest as well as the Great American Beer Festival in September. Details of both of those trips are to come.

Keep your eyes peeled in the very near future for a new Drink With The Wench interface as well as the addition of video to the blog!


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I am a gypsy.


I can call no one place home. To some of you, this may sound sad. And sometimes, the life of a gypsy does get very lonely. However, the excitement and adventure of a nomadic lifestyle often makes up for the “lack of belonging“.

Since September, I have moved 5 times. The major move was from Columbus, OH (my original Beer Wench stomping grounds) to Orlando, FL. I have moved 4 times since I have been in Orlando – and most of them were NOT by choice.

covered wagon

Needless to say, I have not adjusted well to the city of Orlando. A series “difficult” experiences combined with a disinterest in the culture and lack of involvement with the community have prevented me from completely acclimating to my new environment.

And I am entirely way to young, smart and ambitious to waste my time in a place that is sucking me dry. Which means … I am on the road … again.

This time around, my relocation is not as extreme. I am moving to Tampa – only about 2 hours from my current location.


Why Tampa, you ask?

Why not Tampa? That is really the best answer I can give at this time. No, I don’t have a job. No, I don’t have a place to live (yet). No, I don’t know what I want to do or where I want to live … at this moment.


Lucky for me, I have some good friends in Tampa who are helping me to cushion the blow. A couple that I know and love dearly are traveling to Italy for two weeks. They have graciously offered to let me house-sit and pet-sit until they return.

This gives me roughly two weeks to “figure things out”. And considering that my life has almost always been the result of spontaneous and ambitious choices – I am confident that things will be okay.


I move late tonight. I am extremely excited to start yet another adventure and another chapter of my life.

Thank you all so much for supporting me through these past few months. It broke my heart to let my blog and passion for beer fall by the wayside while I struggled to pull the pieces of my life back together. I have regained strength and momentum, though.


Be prepared to see a revamping and rejuvenation of The Beer Wench – both the person and the blog. I’m coming back stronger than ever 🙂


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